Fall in Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley

I am getting ready to leave for Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley in a few weeks to participate in a photography workshop with my father, Jack Graham and Bill Fortney who worked for Nikon.

I should be arriving in time for the peak of the fall leaf color season and I also get the rare opportunity to spend a day photographing in and on a working Amish Farm. I have my lenses cleaned, memory cards cleared and my learning cap ready to spend almost a week with some true masters of this craft!

I hope to come home with a couple decent images of my own, but I am confident that the knowledge I will acquire will pay off for the duration of my photographic career. Getting to spend a week with my father is also pretty cool.

Here is a link to his website and this workshop if anyone is interested in more details.

~Matthew Graham
Fall 2013
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