Father’s Day on Iona Island


A monumental Father’s Day gift for me this year!  I got to spend four and a half hours today on a guided tour of Iona Island in the Hudson River Valley.  It included access to all the buildings, bunkers, research sites, archeological locations,  plants and wildlife.  It even came with a complete narrative description of the island’s features and their history from one of the Parks Department’s leading historians and archeologists.  This had been one of my most sought after photo locations due to its restricted and isolated status.  This island was a military munitions base and now is closed to the public because it is an active Bald Eagle nesting sanctuary. My amazing wife made this happen for me and I cannot wait to get to work on the images.

Images to follow soon.

June 2013

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Website is now “Mobile-Friendly” and has a new gallery


For everyone using iPhones and tablets, all images and galleries have been made “mobile-friendly”!

My web developer has  reformatted the website to work on all platforms.

I have also added a new gallery called “Buildings & Structures” and will be soon adding direct website access to all of the “Client Galleries”.

Anyone who has not been able to view images on mobile devices I apologize and appreciate your patience…it’s fixed! Thanks again!

~Matthew Graham, February 2013

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A few moments of Zen…with the wrong equipment.

Today I had one of the most amazing photographic experiences of my life that I will never forget.  It also came with some very harsh introspective criticism and hopefully a good lesson learned. Continue reading »

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