I am a professional photographer from the Northeast currently working out of Rockland County, NY (right on the NY-NJ border).

Once I discovered the creative range and power of the modern SLR camera, I was inspired to start pursuing photography professionally.

Having come from a professional art background and spending many frustrating years using simple “point and shoot” cameras for portfolio work, learning to operate an SLR camera was the key to achieving complete artistic control and expression. While learning the ins and outs of basic camera operation, I started using photography for the collection of reference material for use in my illustration career. It did not take long for photography to become a new creative medium that offered endless possibilities.

An early fascination with science and nature provided subject matter that quickly fueled a growing interest in photography to a desire to show a new perspective on the world around us.

I belong to the North American Nature Photography Association and have had several images published by the association. You can contact me at: matthew(at)matthewgrahamphoto(dot)com.

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